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  • Lucky Number 7

    Posted By Karen Moltenbrey

    Lucky Number 7 Looks like for many Microsoft users, today is a day for celebration. Windows 7 is now available. I have to admit, the cute commercials that have been airing lately to herald the arrival have caught my attention. You know, the ones with ... Continue reading "Lucky Number 7" »

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  • Alien Action

    Posted By Karen Moltenbrey

    For those who missed the chance to see the amazing alien action played out in Monsters vs. Aliens, now’s your chance. Recently, the film hit the DVD market. While there has been a ton of talk about just when and how stereo 3D will arrive at the home, ... Continue reading "Alien Action" »

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  • It’s the Law

    Posted By Karen Moltenbrey

    “Put down that game controller and step away from that console.” In essence, those could be the words—or at least the English translation—that some gamers in Venezuela could hear very soon. The issue facing law officials in Venezuela’s capital, ... Continue reading "It’s the Law" »

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  • Amsterdam Design Guide

    Posted By Jennifer Wolfe

    Each year, thousands of people converge on the city of Amsterdam for the International Broadcasting Convention, or IBC, one of the industry's largest trade shows. Most attendees are already pretty familiar with what the RAI Convention Center has to ... Continue reading "Amsterdam Design Guide" »

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