Apple’s Big Bite

Posted By Karen Moltenbrey on May 20, 2009 12:00 am | Permalink
In the May issue of Computer Graphics World, contributing editor George Maestri discussed how cutting-edge graphics technologies are finding their way to a host of mobile devices, particularly cell phones.

One company leading the charge  is Apple, with its got-to-have iPhone. It surfs the ‘Net. It plays videos. It plays games. It gives directions. Whatever you want, there’s an App for that.

According to current estimates, there are approximately 9000 games for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices on the market today. If that’s true, that’s a lot of games. So, is gaming—actually, console gaming--the next new frontier for Apple? Some think so. And why not? Apple is a strong brand. Extremely strong. If Microsoft can do it, why not Apple? After all, Apple has already forged some strong gaming alliances by porting titles such as EA’s The Sims and Spore to its handheld devices. Seems like it would only take a small step to extend agreements with major game developers to an Apple console.

IPhone Gaming

Is the world ready for a new console on the market? Maybe not. But if it was from Apple, devoted fans of anything with the fruited logo would surely buy. If Apple builds it, not doubt the customers would come—and buy.