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Posted By Barbara Robertson on June 02, 2009 03:15 pm | Permalink
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Just wanted to say I saw Up in stereo 3D last night after seeing it in 2D at a press junket a couple months ago and I loved it all over again. Did I love it more than in 2D?  It was definitely magical seeing the images I’d seen before open up and push back into 3D space. But I wrestle with this question: If you use stereo 3D only as a window, as Pixar did for Up, rather than to push gags out into the audience as is more typical, is it worth the extra $3 a ticket?

Maybe this is an answer: The audience was totally quiet at the end of the film. I heard a smattering of quiet, hesitant clapping and then silence again. One person left. Only one. The rest of the audience, mostly adults on Monday night, sat in their seats wearing their funny glasses and watched the credits. No one moved until the credits reached the fine print, and even then still only a few people left. It was as if the audience didn’t want to break the spell. I have never experienced this in a movie theater before.