SIGGRAPH High Points

Posted By Barbara Robertson on August 10, 2009 12:47 pm | Permalink
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The good thing about SIGGRAPH in N. O. is that the people who went were the hard core - some of the most brilliant people in CG.

Loved that SIGGRAPH gave back to the community, integrated music & sound into the conference, and brought back scientific & data-driven art.

Realtime, it’s all about realtime this year. And Evan Hirsch, as always, was at the hub.

Lots of stuff simmering around previs including efforts to subdivide and classify the process. Pay attention. Make sure artists benefit.

At SIGGRAPH: Belly laughed as Richard Chuang, Turner Witted, and Rodney Stock shared stories from wayback. You know who they are, don’t you?

In NO: Listened to Grandpa Elliott with Kevin G. Clark (check his facebook), with CGW crew, and again with David Salesin, Ken Turkowski, and Rodney Stock.

At SIGGRAPH: Bumped into Chris Landreth while he was on the phone with Donna Cox and introduced him to the View’s Maria Elena Gutierrez :-)

Favorite T-shirt: UP dogs. Hat: Pixar Teapot. Press reception: Luxology. Party: ILM at Tipitina. Reception: Disney R&D. Lunch: Jon Peddie.

Loving this digital input device discovered in one of those little booths in the back of the room: