CGTalk Meetup

Posted By Josh Corken on August 06, 2009 12:30 pm | Permalink
Every year CGSociety's forums decide to pull together at SIGGRAPH and plan an event to plug the user names from the forums to the real life faces. Not everyone uses their face as an avatar. Actually, come to think of it, a lot of the users decide to hide their faces. I'm not sure why. Scared of the internet stalkers out there? I dunno.

This year's Meetup was held at New Orlean's Acme Oyster House. Now, granted I am too afraid to eat oysters (No, not because I'm literally afraid. I'm allergic to shellfish.) because I don't want to have to make a trip to the hospital. You understand, right? Regardless, the place was great! We had the whole second floor to ourselves. Not too mention the jambalaya was amazing!

And, from what I heard, the oysters were pretty good. Here's some of the group taking oyster shots. Not sure how that works, but I found it interesting enough to snap a picture of the action.

Here's a picture of everyone who stayed for pictures. That's one good lookin' group! I wonder why half of them have goofy avatars? Shows their creativity though, so I don't mind. Plus, those aren't too hard to remember, but a little awkward when you have to ask when they are the one with Iron Man as their picture.

To add to all the excitement, I woke up the morning after and navigated to the CGSociety home page only to see my face as the most recent news picture! Now that was cool. I was so excited, I decided to take a screen shot of it. Why not? I'm not there anymore, but it was my day claim to fame.

To sum it up, it was amazing meeting the guys behind the forum and the owners/creators of the entire CGSociety website. They were kind enough to bring a few books to hand out for our contributions to the site. That's community right there! Thanks to everyone involved for pulling it together and coming out to one of the best nights at SIGGRAPH 2009! It was truly a blast!