SIGGRAPH 2015 – Derek Potter & Jarrod Kozeal – Vicon

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SIGGRAPH 2015 - Glen McIntosh - ILM
19-Aug-2015 | Siggraph
SIGGRAPH 2015 - Audience Questions
19-Aug-2015 | Siggraph
SIGGRAPH 2015 - Computer Animation Festival Trailer
29-May-2015 | Siggraph
Computer Animation Festival Co-Chairs Mikki Rose and Joe Takai offer a sneak peek into the exceptional work to be featured at this year’s #SIGGRAPH2015 Computer Animation Festival.
Siggraph 2013 - Lino DiSalvo
23-Aug-2013 | Siggraph
Lino DiSalvo, supervising animator on Disney's upcoming animated feature Frozen, offers a glimpse into the technical challenges required to bring this beautiful film to the big screen.
Siggraph 2013 - Nvidia
8-Aug-2013 | Siggraph
Nvidia is raising the bar yet again in terms of visual computing by releasing the Quadro K6000. Here, Adam Scraba, senior product manager, discusses this new GPU as well as some additional technologie ...
Siggraph 2013 - MK Haley
8-Aug-2013 | Siggraph
Chair of SIGGRAPH 2013, Disney's Mk Haley provides a comprehensive overview of this year's conference.
Siggraph 2013 - COLLADA
8-Aug-2013 | Siggraph
Fabrice Robinet, COLLADA Working Group Chair, talks about COLLADA, detailing what's new and why it's so important to the graphics community.
Siggraph 2013 - Scott Stokdyk
8-Aug-2013 | Siggraph
Scott Stokdyk, the visual effects supervisor on this year's hit feature Oz the Great and Powerful, discusses the VFX challenges the movie presented, with a pair of all-CG characters, a vast number of ...
Siggraph 2013 - Autodesk
8-Aug-2013 | Siggraph
Rob Hoffman, senior 3D product marketing manager, discusses the recent Autodesk announcements made earlier that day by the company, including its new Creative Commons (CC) licensing, FBX Review for M ...
Siggraph 2013 - The Foundry/Pixar
8-Aug-2013 | Siggraph
The Foundry made some important news at the show, and here Chris Kenessey, chief sales and marketing officer (Foundry), introduces FLIX, a new web-based storyboard tool, the latest updates to Modo and ...
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