Siggraph 2013 - Lino DiSalvo

Lino DiSalvo, supervising animator on Disney's upcoming animated feature Frozen, offers a glimpse into the technical challenges required to bring this beautiful film to the big screen.

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CyberGlove Systems at Siggraph 2009
11-Aug-2009 | Siggraph
During SIGGRAPH 2009, representatives of CyberGlove Systems demonstrate the ways in which its CyberGlove interacts with CAD models.
VFS at Siggraph 2009
11-Aug-2009 | Siggraph
Marty with Vancouver Film School enthuses about how it is a great time for newcomers to enter the industry, and for seasoned veterans to enhance their education and experience.
Art Institutes at Siggraph 2009
11-Aug-2009 | Siggraph
Barbara Roberts with The Art Institutes describes how the school’s management and faculty keep “raising the bar” when it comes to the media arts and animation curriculum.
AMD - ATI at Siggraph 2009
11-Aug-2009 | Siggraph
Vincent Fung of AMD delivers a brief tour of the AMD booth at SIGGRAPH 2009, highlighting the company’s latest professional graphics cards.
HP at Siggraph 2009
11-Aug-2009 | Siggraph
Dan Bennett from Hewlett-Packard discusses the company’s latest workstations. He also performs an impromptu “tear down” of an HP system, highlighting the HP tool-less chassis and unique mechanical arc ...
Autodesk at Siggraph 2009
10-Aug-2009 | Siggraph
Bruno Sargeant, industry manager for film at Autodesk Media & Entertainment, describes the company’s focus on delivering value to its customers, including the new Maya 2010 package, software suites, a ...
Nvidia at Siggraph 2009 - Jeff Brown
10-Aug-2009 | Siggraph
Jeff Brown, general manager of Nvidia Professional Solutions discusses the GPU computing revolution, scalable visualization, and application acceleration with Computer Graphics World’s chief editor Ka ...
Nvidia at Siggraph 2009 - Andy Walsh
10-Aug-2009 | Siggraph
Andy Walsh, director of product marketing for Nvidia's Tesla Business Unit, describes, to Computer Graphics World’s chief editor Karen Moltenbrey, personal supercomputing innovations during SIGGRAPH 2 ...
4-Aug-2009 | Siggraph
"Quasi", a cute robot from Carnegie-Mellon's ETC, interacts with questions and people in front of the Geek Bar at SIGGRAPH 2009, New Orleans, LA.
SIGGRAPH 2009: FJORG! Day 01
4-Aug-2009 | Siggraph
The 32-hour Animation Competition FJORG! at Siggraph 2009, New Orleans, presents their teams in competition and others.
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