Audi’s Birth

The Mill+ worked in close collaboration with BBH to push the boundaries of VFX, creating a fully CG commercial for Audi’s “Birth.”

Recent Videos

Autodesk Education
11-Dec-2009 | Projects
Autodesk CEO Carl Bass
11-Dec-2009 | Projects
Henry Selick Coraline
10-Dec-2009 | Projects
See how visionary director Henry Selick brought the handcrafted 3-D animated feature to life
Borderlands video game released
24-Nov-2009 | Projects
Honda Crosstour
24-Nov-2009 | Projects
Holomatrix (Transform Properties)
24-Nov-2009 | Projects
Holomatrix (Corner Pinning and 3D)
24-Nov-2009 | Projects
Holomatrix Getting Started
24-Nov-2009 | Projects
Coraline in 3D
9-Nov-2009 | Projects
HP’s SkyRoom
3-Nov-2009 | Projects
HP Launches SkyRoom videoconferening. (See the product announcement in the Spotlight section of the Nov. 2009 issue of CGW)
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