Volume 38 Issue 1: (Jan/Feb 2015)

Web Extras:

Hobbit: Video, Ice Fight story

Game Engines: Unreal Video, Unite Video

Strange Magic: Video, George Lucas story

Digital Archaeology: Challenges story


Fight to the finish
Weta digital implements new cg tools to create The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, the final film in the series
Rev up your engines
Commercial game engines are more powerful than ever, enabling developers to focus on more creative aspects of their projects.
Fairy-tale endings
George Lucas and the artists at ILM dance to a different tune with Strange Magic, an animated musical love story inspired by "A Midsummer Night's Dream," featuring a range of enchanting characters and ...
A house with history
Artists use gaming techniques to accurately reconstruct a World Heritage site.
Digital archaeology
The challenges of overcoming so-called "software rot" to resurrect classic entertainment using current technology.
Imagining Zork
A unique course at the University of Wisconsin-Stout challenges students to create the imaginary world in the classic game Zork.

Editor's Note

Technology advances drive new CG applications
Advances in computer graphics technology can come from the likeliest – and least likely – of industries.


Earl Einhorn
Earl Einhorn has been practicing digital art for quite some time, back when "digital art" was a term used by today's SIGGRAPH pioneers.


New hardware and software offerings.


Nvidia K5200
The double-wide Quadro K5200 can power up to four displays.


Wacom Unveils Cintiq Companion 2

View Point

When you ask artists what tools they need to start a 3D project, you’ll hear the usual list of suspects: their modeling tool of choice, Photoshop, and if it’s a game project, an engine of some sort.
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