Volume 38 Issue 2: (Mar/Apr 2015)

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Alien Re-Creation
Some people go through life living in a bubble, and in the newly released animated feature Home, that is certainly the case. Cute little aliens with good intentions land on Earth. They as well as the ...
Spot On
Visual effects add a “Wow!” factor to several television commercials with complex digital work.
Creative Robot
Digital artists use a novel approach to create the lead CG character in Chappie: a robot that learns how to think and feel.
Of Mice and Acumen
While their roles in the live-action adaptation of Cinderella may be small, their presence on screen is magical. MPC creates computer-generated creatures that help Cinderella become the belle of the ...
Forging a Wachowski World
Framestore sets the stage for a boardroom battle and builds an impressive spaceship for the science-fiction film Jupiter Ascending.

Editor's Note

Projects with Character
The roles for digital characters are expanding, and with little wonder: The CG cast filling those positions of late have done an excellent job, as have the digital artists who created the characters. ...


Recent software announcements


Autodesk’s Memento, Nvidia’s Deep Learning Initiative, Nvidia’s Quadro M6000, Iray update
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