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Volume 37 Issue 5: (Sep/Oct 2014)

Web Extras:

Storage: (story)

Boxtrolls (video, images)

Maze Runner: (video, story)


Boxed in No More
CG artists expand a stop-motion world for Laika’s The Boxtrolls.
Method Studios’ fearsome CG creature attacks actors inside tall walls in The Maze Runner.
Art Historian
NewTek’s Tim Jenison uses LightWave/3D printing to help uncover Vermeer’s secret painting technique.
Dazzling Designs
Creating a girl’s best friend using digital tools and techniques.
Storage Essentials
VFX studios require solutions for their large-scale needs.
Pixels to Polymers
Additive manufacturing introduces a new medium to game art students.

Editor's Note

The Evolving Art of Stop Motion


SIGGRAPH 2014 Computer Animation Festival




CGW Names Silver Edge Award Winners

View Point

The Challenges of 3D Conversion

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