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Issue: Volume 36 Issue 5: (July/August 2013)

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Workflow Speeding Bullet

Red Giant’s BulletProof is an offload, prep, and delivery solution for footage that simplifies the tedious tasks facing filmmakers on set. Bridging the gap between camera and editor, BulletProof combines all backup, organization, color, and delivery tasks while handling footage from multiple cameras and media cards. BulletProof eliminates the need for manually copying media cards to hard drives by including a reliable, checksum-verified process for backing up valuable footage. BulletProof 1.0 will be available this summer and will be priced at $199.

Management Shotgun Overhaul

Shotgun Software revealed a complete overhaul of its Shotgun management system. Shotgun 5.0 encompasses production tracking, scheduling, review, and approval, helping modern production pipelines run as efficiently as possible. New is a UI and tool set designed specifically for artists and supervisors, such as tools for task tracking, review and approval, collaboration and search. It costs $49 per seat, per month.

Effects Hot Stuff

Escape Motions recently released its new Flame Painter 2.0 for Windows and Mac OS, a unique paint application for creating original artwork, light effects, unconventional design, or fantastic backgrounds with flame brushes. Flame Painter was created by designer Peter Blaškovic for an experimental project, and today the tool is used by professional CG artists, designers, enthusiasts, or students who want to create original artwork. Version 2.0 offers an online Brushes Library, provides easy mixing of color to create beautiful gradients, and allows users to change the parameter of the brushstroke after painting. There are two versions of the software: Personal ($29.99) and Professional ($59.99).

Render Management Thinking Inside the Box

Thinkbox Software has unveiled Deadline 6.0, the latest version of the company’s renderfarm management solution for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X-based renderfarms. Rebuilt from the ground up using Digia’s Qt development framework and a MongoDB database, Deadline 6.0 facilitates identical performance, scalability, and flexibility across all platforms. The software, compatible with a range of rendering packages, contains many new features, including a redesigned UI. Meanwhile, large graphs make it easy to visualize various aspects of the farm. All Deadline plug-ins and scripts now use a native Python bundle, and customizable script menus are available in almost every list in the Deadline Monitor. Cloud features built into the Monitor allow it to connect to Amazon EC2 and control existing instances.

Video In Sync

Red Giant is offering PluralEyes 3.2 for Windows, an update to its audio/video syncing software. PluralEyes 3.2 for Windows automates audio and multi-camera video synchronization in seconds instead of days, giving videographers and filmmakers edit-ready footage without clappers or timecode. Its new interface and faster workflow make the postproduction process more efficient with a faster setup with less gear. The new release of PluralEyes 3.2 for Windows is a free update for existing customers or $199 for new purchasers.


Motion Capture Xsens Unplugged

Xsens is offering MVN Awinda, wireless tracker-based motion capture that features on-body straps and

eliminates battery packs and cables for faster setup, easier operation, and unconstrained range of motion. MVN Awinda broadens the Xsens mocap portfolio for those needing completely wireless mocap solutions. Along with the release of MVN Awinda, Xsens has released MVN Studio 3.5, which adds wireless functionality as well as new features for its existing users.