Volume 36 Issue 4: (May/June 2013)

Issue Extras:

Iron Man 3: Epic Q&A Series: 1 2 Star Trek:


Space Time
The Star Trek franchise gets another lift from Industrial Light & Magic, Pixomondo, and other visual effects studios.
Stark Realities
Seventeen visual effects studios created iron suits, explosions, glowing bad guys, digital doubles, CG environments, destruction, chaotic battles, and more for Iron Man 3
Blue Sky Studios pulls out all the stops to create a rousing animated film set in a fantasy landscape that looks real enough to be someone’s backyard, if that someone were very tiny
Business Plan
University students make their vision real.

Editor's Note

High-tech Weaponry
High-tech weaponry 3D printing has found a niche in the home market, and as a result, we are seeing unique designs for a variety of objects, from high fashion to, most recently, working handguns.


Back Products
Recent hardware and software releases.


Luxion KeyShot 4


Your resource for products, user applications, news, and market research
CGW Silver Edge Awards: NAB 2013
CGW reveals its winners from NAB 2013.

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Iron Man Images

Star Trek Images

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