Volume 35 Issue 5: (Aug/Sept 2012)

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Back in Style
A pair of 2D games uses new technology to revive the retro look.
Fine Tooning
Ubisoft Montpellier’s Rayman Origins sports a retro 2D look created with a new graphics engine that simplifies the animation process
Second Act
Multidimensional characters shine in a unique interactive story
In Harm's Way
To explore ergonomic setups, design possibilities, and safety measures, digital humans boldly go where no man has gone before
The Hunger Game
As studios produce even greater amounts of data in keeping up with the latest formats in media and entertainment, their need for more storage seems insatiable
Pose by Pose
The crew at Sony Pictures Imageworks creates a CG animated film with a graphic, hand-drawn, cartoony look and feel
One Frame at a Time
For Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, a visual effects crew surrounds stop-motion puppets with digital environments and sparks the action with CG fire, water, and electricity
Face Forward
To create ParaNorman, a stop-motion animated feature, the crew uses state-of-the-art technology

Editor's Note

What’s Old Is New Again
Classic-style animation seemed to have gone out of fashion when CGI became the de-facto medium. However, that does not mean that today’s audiences lack the appreciation for traditional animation.


Siggraph 2012 Computer Animation Festival


Numerous vendors introduced products and services at SIGGRAPH 2012. These can be found on the CGW website by selecting the News button on the left side of the home page.


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