Volume 34 Issue 1: (Jan-Feb 2011)

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  1. MMA: story video1 video2 video3 video4
  2. Narnia: story
  3. Harry Potter: story
  4. Assassin's Creed: story
  5. Fable: story

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On the Road Again
Harry Potter fights his nemesis, Voldemort, on screen for the seventh time, thanks to CG magic, they tangle in the real world
Morality Test
Fable III reinvents the RPG with touch based-game gameplay
Science Meets Art
The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences recognizes those whose technical contributions have impacted the industry
Contact Sport
EA’s MMA title grapples with tough animation situations

Editor's Note

Editor's Note
Late last month, right after Christmas, I was attempting to put away my presents only to find that what I really needed most was more space.


Back Products
Autodesk has entered into a licensing agreement with Lagoa Technologies, Inc. for Lagoa Materials multiphysics simulation technology, which is included in Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites ...


Spotlight: Products
Luxology revolutionized 3D modeling when it introduced Modo several years ago; recently, the company delivered the next evolution of modeling, painting, and rendering with Modo 502 for the PC and ...

View Point

Viewpoint: Games
You’ve Designed a Game Now What Do You Do?: Accessing new avenues for game promotion, distribution, and monetization
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