Volume 33 Issue 9: (October 2010)

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  1. The Comic Connection: Jim Lee Orchestrates the Convergence of Comics and Games, Rick Remender Creates Game Worlds
  2. Shaped by Numbers: Video
  3. Fur-Less: Story, Video 1
    Spotlight: Video2

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Seeing Is Believing
As a result of these new economies and capabilities, I predict we will see a resurgence in the visualization market, indicating a cost elasticity that few believed was there.
Living the Animation Dream
Could anything top a career in which you are doing exactly what you dreamed about when you were a child? A career, say, that puts you inside a feature animation studio after growing up with such ...
Fur Less
Animal experts will tell you that, despite the age-old adage that cats and dogs do not get along, a positive relationship between the two is indeed possible, depending on the animals’ personalities. ...
Inside Track
On the 13th floor of a building in the middle of Manhattan, an eye surgeon wearing a head tracker steps inside a three-dimensional image of a patient’s retina projected onto the walls of a ...
The Comic Connection
Spider-Man. Batman. X-Men. Superman. They are the heroes of the comic-book world. And during the past several years, they have become box-office stars, as well. They have even proven their mettle in ...
Shaped by Number
About three kilometers southeast of La Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain), behind a red terra-cotta door on Carrer de Pujades, a small army—a force of 100, led by 25 captains—labored deep into the ...
In Fine Feather
After all the fuss and feathers died down in the 2007 Oscar race, live-action director George Miller's Happy Feet, a CGI film about dancing penguins, won best feature animation. It was the first ...

Editor's Note

Editor's Note: Which Flavor Are You?
Are you a Mac person or a PC person? It seems like that question has been popping up a lot more in recent times. Perhaps it is because of the popular Apple ad campaign "Get a Mac," in which actor ...


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Review: Nvidia Quadro 5000
Your computer is never fast enough. That's just one of those basic facts of life for anyone who creates images and graphics for a living

Special Section

Autodesk - Making Magic On Schedule and Within Budget
With multi-core processors, high-performance graphics cards, and 64-bit operating systems now the de facto standards in the workstation market, the world’s top animators and computer graphics artists ...


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