Spotlight: Products
Issue: Volume 33 Issue 8: (Aug-Sep 2010)

Spotlight: Products

Luxion Rolls Out KeyShot 2

Luxion has introduced KeyShot 2, an update to the original KeyShot and HyperShot software. The release features a new user interface, rendering features, and performance improvements. It also imports native Pro/Engineer data with associative linking on both the PC and Mac.

KeyShot 2 is an all-new application built on Luxion’s interactive, real-time raytracing and global illumination technology. Now even faster, KeyShot 2 further breaks down the complexity of creating photographic images from 3D models. With its improved ease of use, KeyShot 2 enables the creation of photographic images in a matter of seconds, independent of the size of the digital model.

The interface now features drag-and-drop import of digital data, a scene tree for scene management, a library for all assets (materials, environments, textures, backplates, and renderings) with drag-and-drop capabilities, interactive material and environment adjustments with real-time feedback, dynamic camera interaction with precise position control, and more.

The new rendering features in KeyShot 2 allow users to work faster and obtain even more accurate results. Key capabilities include: unlimited label placement on any material, light-emitting materials with intensity, color, and appearance control, and ground caustics without a physical plane. The product also boasts performance improvements up to 50 percent, and has been further optimized to run even faster on the PC and Mac without the need for special graphics cards.

KeyShot 2 is available now for $995, and $1995 for the Pro version.

Dell Upgrades Portfolio

Dell is offering the latest graphics, computing processor, OS, and memory technologies in its Precision workstation portfolio, including desktops, a rack workstation, and mobile laptops.

On the mobile side, these include the 17-inch Precision M6500 and the 15.6-inch M4500. Customers can purchase 32gb of system memory in the M6500, and 16gb of memory in the  M4500. The Precision M6500 is also now available with the ATI FirePro M7820, which enables users to power up to three independent displays at one time using ATI Eyefinity technology.

Precision tower and rack workstations are being refreshed with the newest high-end and ultra-high-end graphics solutions from Nvidia, built on the Fermi architecture to combine advanced visualization with high-performance computing capabilities. The Precision T7500, T5500, T3500, and R5400 workstations sport the Nvidia Quadro 4000 and Quadro 5000 professional graphics solutions.

Based on Dell’s previous announcement of AMD’s Eyefinity Technology and ATI FirePro 3D professional graphics on its Precision tower and rack workstations, the ATI FirePro V7800, ATI FirePro V5700, and ATI FirePro V8700 professional graphics cards now can be bundled with the Precision R5400, T1500, T3500, T5500, and T7500 workstations.

Dell is also offering the new high-performance Tesla C2050 GPU on the Precision T7500 workstation, transforming it into a personal computer for general-purpose scientific and engineering computing.

Eyeon Ships Fusion 6.1

Eyeon Software rolled out Fusion 6.1, supercomputing compositing software for Linux and Windows platforms.

Fusion 6.1 utilizes the powerful, low-cost GPU to create assets and layers in real time. The tool set imports scenes from 3D animation packages, allowing for a much tighter integrated workflow between departments and applications. This open flexibility also increases industry support for technologies such as RenderMan and RED Camera Mysterium X. Relighting and sophisticated finishing offer more control and transparent collaboration between the compositing artists. OpenCL supercomputing is a fresh and innovative use of today’s massively parallel GPU. By speeding up computationally extensive operations such as Defocus, Fusion 6.1 allows the artist to instantly visualize sophisticated mathematical operations that compile code on the fly for use by the new generation of graphics cards.

In other news, the company began shipping Rotation 6.1, a focused tool set for rotoscoping, keying, paint and retouching, and clean plate and shot preparation. Rotation 6.1, which takes advantage of 64-bit computing, has been updated to include a plethora of new tools that enhance overall productivity, including significant changes to the stereo conversion workflow.