Volume 33 Issue 8: (Aug-Sep 2010)

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A Partial Rebound
Last year at this time, the global economy was generally acknowledged to be in a downswing, and most studios were reporting fewer projects, and more applicants. The situation is a bit rosier now in ...
Slow Going
The CAD arena is among the most recession-sensitive markets in the world. The architectural sector feels good and bad news early, as regions build up their infrastructures, people move to new areas ...
You Are the One
Pixar's imaginative short film "Day & Night" puts CG scenes in side 2D characters that learn to embrace their differences
Under the lush canopy of the Amazon rain forest is a vibrant ecosystem teeming with life of all variation and size. Amazonia, as it is often called, is home to more than two million insect species, ...
Character Traits
As technology advances, game developers are given more choices when it comes to creating the next generation of protagonists and antagonists that captivate gamers for hours on end. During the past few ...
In Your Dreams
For Inception, Double Negative relied on computer graphics to help director Chris Nolan Insert dreamscapes into the characters' minds


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Editor's Note

Editor's Notes
This year, the annual SIGGRAPH conference was not so much about super-new technology, but rather, better ways of using it.


Review: Adobe CS5 Master Suite
In April, Adobe updated its Creative Suite 5 (CS5). Every Creative Suite update is a massive undertaking for Adobe, because every one of its core products gets updated


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