Volume 33 Issue 7: (July 2010)

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  1. Toy Story: stories, videos
  2. Airbender: videos
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  4. Augmented Reality: video
  5. FIFA: video
  6. Editor's Note: stories
  7. Eductational Supplement 2010

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More Toys Than Ever Before
After a 10-year hiatus, Pixar once again helps Woody rescue his wildly popular toy family from danger
Bursting the Cloud
Not to rain on the industry's parade, but is cloud computing the bright spot that everyone claims?
Taken for a Ride
Combining CG and live action to create a unique, interactive hybrid experience
Ambitious Goal
2010 World Cup football brings South Africa’s VFX and animation artistry to the international stage
Let's Talk Business
Todays mobile phones are hard to silence when it comes to gaming
Sue Goes Virtual
Digitizing a T. rex in the hope of answering questions of the past.
Scientific Visualization
Star Power
Putting Science to Work
A virtual soldier moves onto the factory floor to help workers avoid stress and injury
Well Bent
ILM creates elemental effects for The Last Airbender
Plugging into Mixed Reality
Designers mix the real and virtual to test new models.

Editor's Note

Editor's Note
Pixel Perfect


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Review: Autodesk's Maya 2011
Maya is probably the most noted 3D application used in television and feature films. It has long been a staple in the animation and special effects industry


Spotlight - User Focus
Fractured Fairytale: Brickyard VFX makes dreams come true for Mitsubishi
Spotlight - Products
Motion Analysis’ Raptor Series. Boxx’s RenderPro. HP’s ZR30w display.
Spotlight - News
PC Gaming Hardware Forecast to Reach $27 Billion

View Point

On Fire: ILM’s Olivier Maury details the new fire solver/renderer built around Nvidia’s CUDA for work on The Last Airbender.
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