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Issue: Volume: 33 Issue: 2 (Feb. 2010)

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Vue 8
E-on software, maker of digital nature solutions, announced its Vue 8 line of products. Vue 8 Infinite and Vue 8 xStream are designed for CG professionals; Vue 8 Esprit, Vue 8 Studio, and Vue 8 Complete are targeted at 3D artists; and Vue 8 Pioneer & Theme-Packs and Vue 8 Frontier are well suited to 3D enthusiasts. Vue 8 sports new features and improvements in the areas of natural scenery creation, precise artistic control, performance, immersive integration, and content. New 3D Terrain Sculpting enables users to sculpt overhangs and caves, for example, directly in Vue standard and procedural terrains with on-the-fly mesh subdivision. Users can also locally sculpt features on procedural terrains, and sculpt terrain features in the context of scene elements, such as rocks around vegetation and architecture. New Stratified Terrain Fractals produce detailed stratified terrain features, a Directional Displacement Engine adds textures for lifelike surface features, and third-generation Spectral Atmospheric Technology improves the quality and realism of clouds, god rays, atmospheric shadows, and scene light interaction. Vue 8 xStream and Infinite are priced at $1495 and $895, respectively. Upgrade and educational pricing are available. Vue 8 Complete, Studio, Esprit, and Frontier are priced at $599, $399, $199, and $99, respectively.
E-on Software;

Aged Film
Digieffects has released its latest visual effects software plug-in, Aged Film. Artists use Aged Film to create an “old movie look,” enabling viewers to better understand and believe that a story is set in the past. Aged Film delivers customizable characteristics—including grain, dust, scratches, frame jitter, and color—that combine to convince viewers they’re looking at historical footage. The plug-in boasts dozens of presets, such as 8mm, armageddon, grandpa’s attic, old home video, scratched film, shaky projector, speakeasy, and the ’70s. Aged Film is compatible with popular postproduction applications, including Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Grass Valley Edius, Autodesk Combustion, and Boris RED. Additional features include the abilities to de-interlace, control-source blend, and random seed, and animate effects over time in After Effects. Aged Film is now available for $49 alone, $109 bundled with Magic Bullet Quick Looks, or $379 bundled with Magic Bullet Looks.

Knoll 3D Flare
Red Giant Software has released Knoll 3D Flare, a free set of tools for creating Knoll Lens Flares in Adobe After Effects 3D space. An add-on for Knoll Light Factory Pro 2.5 in After Effects, Knoll 3D Flare includes such features as Edge flare-ups, Z-depth intensity, and 3D and RGB obscuration. Color and intensity linking, multiple lights, and world scale features enable further customization. Knoll Light Factory Pro 2.5 is priced at $399 and available for $99 as an upgrade.
Red Giant Software; www.redgiantsoftware.