Volume 33 Issue 10: (November 2010)

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  1. Megamind: Video 1, Video 2 , Video 3
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  3. Tangled: Story

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Achieving Production Readiness
Issues at the forefront of making that goal a reality
Once More with Feeling
“Action and adventure” are not the first words that typically come to mind when remembering Grimm’s fairy tale “Rapunzel.” But then Rapunzel, the beautiful girl trapped in a tower who lets down her ...
Like A Rolling Stone
Earlier this year, following the 2008 film release of Quantum of Solace, a $586 million hit, director Sam Mendes was set to roll on the next James Bond movie: the tentatively titled Bond 23. But in ...
Mind Over Matter
Why would a filmmaker choose to create a superhero action movie with animation rather than live action? One out-of-this-world reason is to turn the genre on its ear.

Editor's Note

Editor's Note
Who's the Hero Now?


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Review: NEC's PA271W-BK
Anyone working on high-end visual content will appreciate the importance of a good monitor



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The World of VFX, Animation, and Stereo 3D Production
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