Volume: 32 Issue: 9 (Sep. 2009)

Highlights for the Sept 09 issue of Computer Graphics World:

  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  • District 9
  • Growing Graphics Processors
  • 2D to 3D technologies
  • The CGI behind the film 9
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Networking in Animation
Networking is the key to success when seeking employment.
3D Wow
Comic books, which have been a very traditional 2D medium, are beginning to venture into the 3D realm, as creators turn to digital techniques to add more punch.
Power Play
As graphics processors continue to grow in strength, people are now rethinking how they use them for a wide range of applications.
Food for Laughs
In Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, a mad scientist turns water into food, but at Sony Pictures Imageworks, it was the 3D artists who were responsible for the transformation—and everything else—in ...
Alien Achievement
CG aliens play a major role in the live-action District 9. Visual effects house Image Engine created the alien cast, while The Embassy crafted a mechanical exo-suit for the final battle scene and Weta ...
Magic Number
Whether or not people truly believe that the numeral 7 is "lucky"doesn't seem to matter much; the phrase "lucky number seven" seems tobe part of our vernacular. Indeed, most people have a "lucky" ...
A Stitch in Time
In the feature film 9, CGI is used to bring a dark, post-apocalyptic world to life, while evil forces do their best to destroy its inhabitants.

Editor's Note

Editor's Note
SIGGRAPH 2009: Graphics, Gumbo, and All that Jazz


Back Products
Recent hardware and software releases from SIGGRAPH.


Adobe Systems announced two new Flash Platform open-source initiativesfor developers, media companies, and publishers. The Adobe FlashPlatform is a complete system of integrated tools, frameworks, ...

View Point

The highly parallel structure and computational power of today’s GPUs make them effective for handling more general, computationally intensive, and demanding algorithms.
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