Volume: 32 Issue: 8 (Aug. 2009)

Highlights for the Aug 09 issue of Computer Graphics World:

  • SIGGRAPH 2009
  • Harry Potter
  • Growing graphics processors
  • G-Force team
  • New technologies
  • Complex fluid simulation
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Building the Perfect Production Pipeline
An underground, open-source project gives students experience before entering the studio.
Wet 'N Wild
A complex sim morphs realistic water into various objects.
The Rendering Race
Rendering is hardly new, but with a number of recent technology advances, it is hardly the same process that it once was. What’s new? Who’s new? And, is it a hardware or software game?
Pushing The Bounds
G-Force, Walt Disney Picture’s live-action summer kid flick, packs talking animals, superheroes, robots, and spies into a rollicking action-comedy in which every one of the 1861 shots is a visual ...
Trickery and Tweaks
It’s a dangerous world now for magicians and Muggles, as readers of JK Rowling’s enormously popular Harry Potter series of books know, and as movie audiences will discover.

Editor's Note

Editor's Note
At SIGGRAPH 2009, a number of notables in the field of computer graphics were recognized for their amazing accomplishments and contributions to the industry. Because of their work, the milestones of ...


Back Products
Recent hardware and software releases.


Products StudioGPU’s MachStudio Pro. HP’s xw9400. Christie’s Mirage WU Series projectors. News Despite the recession, the 3D modeling and animation market is strong, as people continue to play games ...

View Point

Sony Pictures Imageworks’ Rob Engle details the unique work that went into creating the stereoscopic effects for G-Force.
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