Volume: 32 Issue: 7 (July 2009)

Highlights for the July 09 issue of Computer Graphics World:

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At the Crossroads
Stereo 3D can be an exciting adventure—if it is done properly.
Play Ball
Athletes pictured on baseball cards spring to animated life thanks to cutting-edge technology.
Ghost Effects
Terminal Reality and Atari catch the spirit of the iconic 1980s classic film
Stretching into a New World
Blue Sky Studios re-creates its popular multi-species ice Age Family for the third time. With the help of flexible rigging and new effects tools.
Pictures in the Cloud
The move from desktop to cloud computing makes visualization affordable. By Kenneth Wong
Dino Might
A rare fossil holds great promise to providing definitive answers about dinosaurs
Weighty Matters
Director Michael bay's sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, stars nearly 60 CG robots thanks to ILM, which built two thirds of the mechanical beast, and Digital Domain, which built the rest.

Editor's Note

Editor's Note
It has been nine years since New Orleans hosted SIGGRAPH, and since that time, a great deal has transpired.


E-on software, makers of natural 3D environment and spectral atmospheric rendering technologies, has released Ozone 4.0


Right Hemisphere, maker of Visual Enterprise solutions, revealed a feature-rich release of its Deep Exploration client software.

View Point

Viewpoint - Devastating Simulations
The character design artwork for the Devastator robot in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (see “Weighty Matters,” pg. 20) depicts a 100-foot-tall gargantuan robot formed from multiple pieces of ...
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