Volume: 32 Issue: 5 (May 2009)

Highlights for the May 09 issue of Computer Graphics World:

  • Shades of the Future
  • Back in Space
  • Crash Course
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Shades of the Future
For Terminator Salvation, Industrial Light & Magic creates state-of-the-art rendering and lighting techniques.
Games and Graphics Unplugged
Innovative devices place high-end graphics in the palm of your hand.
Back in Space
For the seventh time, ILM creates innovative CG effects for a Star Trek film, but this time the director causes a break in tradition
Out of Season
Artists add a taste of summer to a cold, winter day.
A World-Class Animation and VFX Community
Crash Course
VFX Artists 'Survive' a Harrowing Crash-Landing Sequence

Editor's Note

Editor's Note - Gaming Market Going Strong
Nowadays when you turn on the television or radio, all you hear about is the state of the economy, particularly how bad it is.
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