Volume: 32 Issue: 4 (Apr. 2009)

Highlights for the April 09 issue of Computer Graphics World:

  • Super Sized
  • Artistic Endeavors
  • Creating Canines
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Stereo 3D
CGW in 3D!
Gone to the Dogs
Students re-create humorist James Thurber's simplistic canine drawings in 3D and set them to music.
Getting Unreal
A filmmaker experiments with a new CG pipeline based on the Unreal Engine 3 while creating Chadam.
Perfect Picture
Automotive photography and CGI: a marriage finally consummated.
Without Bounds
Digital artist Maurice Benayoun explores the new media world.
Super Sunday's Best
Creativity, innovation, humor make these digitally enhanced spots big winner.

Editor's Note

Editor's Note - Stereo Vision
If you took a good look at the cover of Computer Graphics World, you may have rubbed your eyes a bit or blinked a few times to make sure your vision was in check. Your eyes are fine.
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