Volume: 32 Issue: 11 (Nov. 2009)

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Coraline in 3D
Images from the inside look at Coraline 3D video.
Sphere of Destruction
In 2012, the world falls apart, literally, thanks to a host of studios that created massive amounts of destruction that takes place throughout the film, in which visual effects assume the role of a ...
A Fine Line
Gearbox uses a handcrafted art style to augment the over-the-top action in the recently released Borderlands computer game.
Crowding In
It took a village on a global scale to create the work found in the animated short film “Live Music,” a groundbreaking piece in that it was crowd-sourced and managed via a Facebook application.
The Long and Winding Road
The scene is all-too familiar: Animation students who turn pro after spending a few years learning the basics of animation. That was not the case for Lluis Liobera, a pro-turned-student-turned-pro, ...
In Motion
At USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, students are learning state-of-the-art techniques in motion capture from legendary director/producer Robert Zemeckis in a 15-week course he helped to establish.

Editor's Note

Editor’s Note
Excessive violence in video games is a topic about which everyone has a strong opinion to share. In the US, the games are rated, but too often those ratings are ignored by parents and/or teens. The ...


Back Products
Recent hardware releases.


Products Hewlett-Packard’s SkyRoom videoconferencing. Prime Focus’s View-D 3D conversion service.
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