Volume: 31 Issue: 12 (Dec. 2008)


Angling for the Oscar
VFX supervisors and animators pick their faves By Debra Kaufman
Production Style
VFX supervisor and Orphanage co-founder Stu Maschwitz mixes final DI into the effects process to help create the styliez look of The Spirit By Barbara Robertson
History in the Making
Scholars and modelers accurately re-create ancient Rome and make it accessible via the Internet By Karen Moltenbrey
Efficiency Experts
An independent studio uses conservative yet effective methods to create an animated feature of epic proportions By Karen Moltenbrey


Knowledge & Career - 12/08
Classroom 2.0 Era
Editor's Note - Independent Minded
This month, an animation studio in Atlanta is celebrating the nationwide release of its first CG film, Delgo (see “Efficiency Experts,” pg. 40), a true indie production from start to finish.
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