Volume: 31 Issue: 7 (July 2008)


Holographic Artist Web Sites
The July 2008 issue of Computer Graphics World contained the feature “Holographic Art,” which examined artists who are venturing into the brave new world of 3D holographic imaging and the facilities ...
Knowledge and Career - 7/08 - Part 2
- Evolving the art of panoramic projection - Internships provide an ideal learning environment (By Marc Loftus)
Editor's Note - A Man of 'Character'
His creatures are legendary. And so was he. Sadly, the industry last month lost one of its pioneers and innovators: famed makeup artist, visual effects artist, director, producer, costume designer, ...


Portfolio - 7/08 - Part 2
Ask any digital artist, and he or she will say that one of the big advantages to using CG over traditional media is speed—in particular, the ability to
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