Portfolio - 6/08
Issue: Volume: 31 Issue: 5 (May 2008)

Portfolio - 6/08

Quand Revient la Mousson Created by Benjamin Fournet, Benjamin Beal, Mikael Brosset,
and Cynthia Guilpin, from the Arles campus.

Al Dente Created by Carlos Leon Ortiz, Mael Francois, Jean-Francois Barthelemy, from
the Valenciennes campus.This engaging animated short has garnered attention at various film festivals.
Camera Obscura Created by Mathieu Buchalski, Thierry Onillon, and Jean-Michel Drechsler, from the
Valenciennes campus.
This short film has received a number of accolades and awards for its innovative animation.

Although young and still learning their trade, many student animators, upon graduation, are proving themselves worthy of recognition in this dynamic, growing industry. Today more so than ever, these budding artists are able to step out of the classroom and into this professional market, thanks to the educational efforts of art centers and colleges with dedicated 3D art and animation programs that, in addition to teaching the basics, provide students real-world experience.

One such school is Supinfocom in Valenciennes, France (with a campus in Arles). Here, students first must learn the fundamentals of art history as well as general information pertaining to the media arts. They also learn how to use industry-standard 3D tools, and the application of cinematic techniques and storytelling.

The last two years of instruction at Supinfocom center around student-created animation projects-the culmination of all the instruction, both basic and advanced, these animators-in-training have received. It is a time for the students to show off their talent in front of their peers and instructors. As a matter of fact, the students have excelled at these projects, so much so that a number of the animated short films have appeared in various festivals throughout the world. Most recently, one Supinfocom student project from the 2007 graduating class-"Camera Obscura"-received awards at the annual e-Magiciens event in France and at the Imagina ceremony in Monaco, where another, "Al Dente," was a runner-up.

A selection of still images from some of these student projects is featured on these two pages. -Karen Moltenbrey

Poetico Mecano Created by Antoine Demongeout, Julien Ferry, and Gregory Weiss, from the Valenciennes campus.
Cancre Created by Laurent Covet, Sophie Burie, and Romain Berthou, from the Valenciennes campus.
Mister Sandman Created by Quentin Vien, Marion Faugaret, and Abdollah Akhdar, from the Valenciennes campus.
L'Homme a Tete de Poule Created by Sylvain Jorget, Axel Morales, and Mathias Rodriguez, from the Valenciennes campus.