Portfolio - 4/08
Issue: Volume: 31 Issue: 4 (April 2008)

Portfolio - 4/08

Entertainment - "Smirnoff-Sea" from Framestore CFC (UK)

Industry - "Welcome Onboard" from IMAGTP (France)

Entertainment - "Oktapodi" from students at Gobelins l'Ecole de l'Image

Architecture - "The Olympic Stadium" from Squint/Opera (UK)

Entertainment - "Boldies" from students at Supinfocom Arles (France)

The high point of Imagina is the Imagina Awards, which showcase the exceptional use of CG technologies applied to the artistic, engineering, and industrial professions. This year, in a crowded auditorium at the Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo, the audience”including Monaco's Prince Albert”was treated to the best of the best in 3D digital production within the fields of media and entertainment, architecture, landscape, and territory. Winners were chosen by a jury of veterans from the respective categories. Among the finalists were students, filmmakers, independent artists, professional 3D artists, architectural visualization specialists, and more”each demonstrating cutting-edge techniques in their particular sector.
From the Industry Category”Best Graphic Image: Welcome Onboard from IMAGTP; Best Performance: Realite Virtelle pour la Production Industrielle from the Compiegne University of Technology; Special Jury Award: Gears up to Welcome A380 from 3D Weave. From the Media and Entertainment Category”Best Animation: Oktapodi from Gobelins lâ Ecole de lâ Image; Best Special Effects: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End from Walt Disney Pictures in association with Jerry Bruckheimer Films; Best Full-Length Feature Film: Ratatouille from Disney/Pixar; Best Short Film: Diji Vou Veu Volti from Studio Alea Jacta; Best School and University: Bolides from Supinfocom Arles. Best Commercial: Smirnoff-Sea from Framestore CFC; Best Video Clip: Chemical Brothers Salmon Dance from Framestore CFC; Best Video Game: Harmonix Rockband from Passion Pictures; Special Jury Award: Camera Obscura from Supinfocom Valenciennes.

A selection of the winning images appears on these pages. Stills from all the winners  can be viewed on the CGW Web site at www.cgw.com.

Entertainment - "Camera Obscura" from Supinfocom Valenciennes (France)

Entertainment - Harmonix Rockband from Passion Pictures (UK)

Entertainment - "Diji Vou Veu Volti" ("I Love You") from Studio Alea Jacta (Belgium)

Entertainment - Chemical Brothers "Salmon Dance" from Framestore CFC (UK)