Volume: 30 Issue: 7 (July 2007)


Products (July 2007)

Guest Editorial
There’s nothing quite like big anniversaries to make one feel old. I just ran across the expression “age rage,” and I think I know all too well what that means.
Spotlight (July 2007)
A new chip that provides unrivaled rendering performance is being launched by ARTVPS, developers of the only processor said to accelerate raytracing. The new AR500 processor has been re-engineered to ...
Education and Recruitment Special - Bee Smart!
How Education and training bolster CG careers. Inside (PDF) - Festivals | Polish that Reel | School Offerings | Mistakes to Avoid
Editors Note: 30 Years and Going Strong
Do you remember when CAD tools began making it easier for designers to do their job?


Portfolio (July 2007)
SIGGRAPH Animation Theaters, Part 1
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