Portfolio - Haunting Images
Issue: Volume: 30 Issue: 11 (Nov. 2007)

Portfolio - Haunting Images

Dinner With The Dead Inspired by clowns, Lewis Fraga used Cinema 4D, Poser, Mudbox, BodyPaint, and Photoshop to create this image. "Clowns creep me out, and there's a great line in High Road to China when they were invited to dinner: "Is he gonna eat us or feed us?"

The Headless Horseman Laurie Prindle crafted this image using Daz models, which were posed and morphed in Poser 5, and then imported into Bryce, where textures were applied. 

Your Deserve is Ready Master Roberto Gamez Pastrana posed and textured the models in Poser, and then exported them into Vue, where HDRI lighting and radiosity were applied.  

The term "digital art means many things to many people. For some, it invokes visions of an old master painting. For others, it can mean fractals, abstracts, algorithmic stills, and more. For those competing in the Renderosity Dinner With The Dead Halloween art contest, it conjured up images of ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and other assorted monsters and creatures.

Every month, the online art community hosts several challenges with small prizes, as well as four larger seasonal contests, including the fall Halloween event. This year marks the eighth year for this particular competition, which is the group's longest standing contest. "The focus of this year's Dinner With The Dead theme is about doing something fun, creative, and different, since everyone-except the dead-have to eat, says Renderosity's Jenifer Carey.

Renderosity received 274 submissions, ranging in subject matter from horror and gore to jokingly playful. Similarly, the artists themselves ran the gamut from professionals to hobbyists. Moreover, nearly 40 percent of the entries came from abroad-the UK, France, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, Romania, and other countries around the world.

In all, Renderosity handed out 22 awards: five big winners, four honorable mentions, and 13 random selections. The winners also are showcased on the Renderosity Web site (www.renderosity.com). "We always enjoy seeing the quality of work and creativeness of the artists who enter our contest, says Carey. "Every year, we are impressed by the quality of the submissions, and this year was no different.

A selection of ghastly images from the fall Renderosity competition is featured on these two pages. -Karen Moltenbrey


Longing "Dinner is the meal we most often share with loved ones.  I envisioned the poignant image of a man who has recently lost his wife, explains Elaine Corvidae of her Poser-based image.

Remorseless Appetite Using Poser and Photoshop, along with Daz models, Tony Hess crafted this piece, then finished it with some painting done in Photoshop. Texturing and bump maps created a problem, which was resolved using clone and healing tools.

Sustenance Niels Maclellan started with Poser models, then imported them into Vue. The gritty textures on the skin and the mummies were added with Photoshop texture brushes. The veins are separate Photoshop layers; the shadows were added by hand.