Volume: 30 Issue: 10 (Oct. 2007)


Big Buzz
Dreamworks tackles scope and scale to infuse bee movie with Jerry Seinfeld's humor By Barbara Robertson


Spotlight - October 07
Side Effects Software released Houdini 9, which includes a new artist-friendly user interface that makes the software easier to use, as well as python support, fluid dynamics, rendering enhancements, ...
Editor's note - Clone Wars
For years now, digital artists have been trying to solve one of the most difficult challenges in computer graphics today: the creation and animation of realistic digital humans.
Porfolio - Global Eyes, Part 2
When SIGGRAPH introduced the Art Gallery to the conference and exhibition many years ago, the roots of digital art were taking hold within the CG community...
Viewpoint - State-of-the-Art Compositing
When people ask me what I do for a living, my response varies: from the simple, “I work in the movie business,” to the more informative, “I am a visual effects artist,” to my actual job, “I am a ...
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