Volume: 29 Issue: 7 (July 2006)


Leaps Tall Orders
When Superman soared above Lois Lane’s house in Warner Bros’ Superman Returns, he flew on the wings of computer graphics technology and visual effects expertise that has taken superheroes and digital ...
When Worlds Collide
The premise is an obvious one: All the work that goes into creating a design for a product can be reused to create art for a video, documentation, or a slick magazine ad. But is the theory more ...
On Holy Ground
The Church of Saint-Sulpice, it is said, has the most eccentric history of any building in Paris. Built over the ruins of an ancient temple to the Egyptian goddess Isis, the church possesses an ...
This Old House
Any animator who has spent months sculpting blend shapes or posing IK handles will tell you that the phrase “computer animation” is not only a misnomer for the person’s art, but a borderline insult. ...
Yo Ho Ho!
After you’ve seen Davy Jones’ beard writhe like a sea creature. After you learn that Industrial Light & Magic discovered a way to motion-capture the performances of multiple actors during ...
Artists create a 3D animation, projected in 360 degrees, topromote EA’s NBA Live 06


BackDrop July06
Rhythm & Hues places an improved CG Garfield into ‘hairy’ situations in the fat cat’s live-action sequel
Classics Old and New
After all these years, I am still amazed when it comes to the power of computer graphics. It has the ability to educate, to make our lives more efficient and safe, and much more. Above all, it has the ...
Animation 2.0
The visual quality of video games has improved dramatically with the arrival of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and, soon, Sony’s PlayStation 3. In fact, some games—in particular, racing titles—approach the ...
Spotlight - 7/06
Enhanced with a number of new features and functionality, FormZ 6.0 will be released this month at SIGGRAPH by maker AutoDesSys. Some of the new features include animation, 3D printing with color and ...


Portfolio - Siggraph Animation Theater
These are but a few of the accolades and observations made by Digital Fauxtography's Terrence Masson, chair of the 2006 SIGGRAPH Animation Festival, about some of the projects that will be shown at ...
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