Volume: 29 Issue: 5 (May 2006)


A Walk on The Wild Side
CG Animation - Digital artists push the boundaries of computer graphics to give the animals in The Wild a unique soft-edged style that is part cartoon, part photoreal, and totally appealing.
Hedge Fun
Viewing the situation from their perspective, displaced animals clash with suburbanites in Over the Hedge.
Oh Rats!
CG Short - In this year's SIGGRAPH best in show, artists go to extremes-dark/light, real/fantasy - to create a compelling animated short film.
Half the Battle
The expanse of outer space has always held great fascination, and there is no doubt that television and film stimulate our imagination of distant galaxies and alien races. Transcending time and space, ...


Products - 5/06
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Mission: Possible
ILM creates a virtual Shanghai, a complex helicopter chase scene, and other 'invisible' effects
The Race is On
It's a safe assumption that a number of NAB attendees and exhibitors, in town for the show, lost a dollar or two at the Las Vegas gaming tables. After all, the odds favor the house. But, there were ...
Luxology Modo 201 art
Since the unique 3D modeling software Modo was released in September 2004,digital content creators have been using the software to create a range of images, many of which can be considered CG works of ...
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