Volume: 29 Issue: 3 (March 2006)


Aping Film
As King Kong made a much-hyped swing into theaters this winter, he made an equally anticipated entrance onto the gaming scene. Released on all the major game platforms, Peter Jackson’s King Kong is ...
A digital Revolution
The Wachowski brothers’ film noir-styled “kung-fu meets sci-fi” movie, The Matrix, won a visual effects Oscar in 2000 for, among other effects, the stylish “bullet-time” shots in which Keanu Reeves’s ...
Bug's-eye View
Although Josh Staub fell into his career as a digital artist by chance, his animated short movie, The Mantis Parable, happened very much on purpose. And now, those efforts are paying off: His ...


DreamWorks' Matte Department
Creating matte paintings for CG animation requires a different approach than it does for live-action films with digital effects, according to Ronn Brown, head of the matte-painting department...
Space Devices
Years ago, when I first started working with computer graphics, trackball input devices were the rage. Back then, utilizing a computer mouse was for “ordinary” users
Endorphin 2.5
Motion-capture systems allow the acquisition of actual human performances, with all the timing, body mechanics, and gravity that make for compelling natural motion in animation.
Product Spotlight - 3/06
RealViz has introduced VTour, new content-creation software based on the company’s Stitcher and ImageModeler programs for the creation of photorealistic 3D environments from 2D pictures or panoramas.
Game On
However, there is more to game development than being energized and party-ready; it’s big business-especially when Hollywood comes knocking.
Role Model
Once the domain of techno and hard-core gamers, massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) have expanded in recent years to include a wider demographic than ever before.

Special Section

ILM's state-of-the-art (storage) studio
When George Lucas moved a large part of his filmmaking empire from San Rafael, California-a small town north of San Francisco-into a state-of-the-art, four-building complex on 17 acres of parkland in ...
CASE STUDIES: Storage stokes the creative process
Change is a constant in today’s studios as they struggle with crunching deadlines, the need to juggle multiple projects at once, and the prospect of overhauling their server, storage, and networking ...
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