Products - 2/06
Issue: Volume: 29 Issue: 2 (Feb 2006)

Products - 2/06

In addition to multi-layered match-moving capabilities, Silhouette Paint can nondestructively apply color, tint, erase, blemish, mosaic, and grain brushes to 8-bit, 16-bit, and floating-point clips. To match a foreground element, paint sources can be transformed on the fly by rotation, corner pinning, and scaling in addition to being offset in time or XY space. Four independent clone sources are maintained simultaneously for added flexibility.

Silhouette Paint can be integrated with Silhouette Roto’s Shape tool for motion tracking, variable-edge softness, and realistic motion blur. Brushes can be applied to shape layers and automatically matchmoved. Blemishes, for example, can be automatically erased over time. Silhouette Paint is priced at $495 and Silhouette Roto sells for $595.

Autodesk Media and Entertainment’s Discreet Combustion 4 visual effects software is now available for the Mac OS. The latest release offers vector paint, particles, effects animation, and 3D compositing for use in the creation of motion pictures, episodic television shows, and commercials. New features in Combustion 4 include a diamond keyer, time warp, B-spline vector shapes and group pointing, custom capsules, an optimized Gaussian Blur, merge operator, and enhanced paint tools. Combustion 4 for the Mac is priced at $995.

Dosch Design has introduced five new collections in its Dosch Viz-Images series, offering everything from road signs and streetlamps to plants and trees. Three new Road Sign libraries each have 500 images that include hazard, right-of-way, speed limit, construction and tourism signs and symbols in JPEG format. The Forest Trees collection features 100 trees, and the Urban Features collection includes benches, hydrants, streetlamps, mailboxes, and more. The images in these two collections are supplied in uncompressed TIFF, PSD, and JPEG formats. All collections support CAD, 3D design, and image-processing programs, and are priced at $79 each.