Digital Training to Challenge the Brain
Issue: Volume: 29 Issue: 2 (Feb 2006)

Digital Training to Challenge the Brain

3D Garage

3D Garage’s courseware focuses on basic and advanced modeling and animation techniques for LightWave 3D.

LightWave 8 Signature ($189), LightWave 7.5 ($189), LightWave 7.5 Advanced ($189)


Digital-Tutors offers training videos for Maya, Softimage XSI, ZBrush, RealFlow, and Apple, and Adobe products, focusing on digital content creation, 3D graphics and animation, game development, visual effects, and more.

Maya Beginner Bundle ($320), Introduction to Maya, Second Edition ($46), Introduction to Maya: Hypershade Basics ($46), Introduction to 3D MEL Basics ($46), Maya Basics ($46), Maya Basics: Introduction to Paint Effects ($46), Fundamentals of Maya: Polygon and Sub-D Modeling ($56), Fundamentals of Maya: Mastering Render Nodes ($56), Fundamentals of Maya: UV Layout ($56), Fundamentals of Mental Ray ($56), Fundamentals of Photoshop/Maya: 3D Texturing ($56), Fundamentals of Maya Dynamics: Particles/Fields ($56), Fundamentals of Maya Dynamics: Soft/Rigid Bodies ($56), Essentials: Character Binding and Skinning in Maya ($30), Essentials: Character Rigging in Maya ($30), Maya Character Animation Bundle ($48), Maya Unlimited Bundle ($180), RealFlow and Maya Integration ($70), Photorealistic Car Modeling ($70), Female Android Kit ($70), Maya Production Series Vol.1: Pre-Production ($56), Maya Production Series Vol. 2 ($56), Maya Production Series Vol. 3: Advanced Texturing ($56), Maya Production Series Vol. 4: Advanced Rigging ($56), Maya Production Series Vol. 5: Fundamentals of Animation ($56), Building Advanced Shading Networks ($60), Ultimate Fluids ($60)

XSI Extreme Bundle ($200), Introduction to XSI 4.2 ($46), Introduction to XSI Render Tree ($46), Fundamentals of Mental Ray in XSI ($56), Fundamentals of Soft and Rigid Bodies in XSI ($56), Particles and Forces in XSI ($56)

ZBrush Basics ($46)

Introduction to RealFlow ($46), RealFlow and Maya Integration ($70)

Photoshop Basics ($46), Fundamentals of Photoshop/Maya: 3D Texturing ($56), Principles of Photoshop CS ($20), Essentials: After Effects ($40)

Fundamentals of Apple Motion ($46)

DV Garage

The DV Garage series of DVDs focus on the intricate details of creating CG and compositing video.

RealViz Stitcher ($39), Photogrammetry ($59), QuickTime Pro ($29)

3D Toolkit 2.5 ($99), Maya Lab 1 and 2 ($59 each), Camera Mapping Lab ($99), Multi-Pass Rendering Lab ($79)

DVMatte Blast ($99), DVMatte Pro: FCP/FCE ($199), DVMatte Pro AE ($199), Composite Toolkit ($199), CTK Companion ($39)

The Surface Suite ($279), Surface Toolkit ($99), Reflection Toolkit ($129), Graffiti Collection ($99), Aircraft Parts ($99), Water Damage ($99), Terrain Toolkit ($129)

The Gnomon Workshop

Offering a library of more than 125 videos, the Gnomon digital tutorials cover design, modeling, effects, animation, storytelling, and matte painting. The company’s newest training offerings include:

Introduction to Maya ($25), Head Modeling for Games ($59), Body Modeling for Games ($59), UV Mapping for Games ($59), NURBS Modeling 1: Basics ($49), NURBS Modeling 2: Surfacing ($49), NURBS Modeling 3: GTP Racecar ($59), Polygon Modeling 101 ($49), Creature Head Modeling ($59), Humanoid Modeling ($59), Organic Modeling 101: Head Surfacing ($59), Organic Modeling 2: Head Patching ($59), Design, Modeling, and Camera ($69), Lighting and Texturing ($69), Rendering and Compositing ($69), 3D Image-Based Terrain ($69), Digital Environment Work Flow ($69), Texture Painting: Fundamentals ($59), Texture Painting: Weathered Surfaces ($59), UV Mapping 101 ($49), Character UV Mapping ($59), Mental Ray: Fundamentals ($59), Mental Ray Lighting and Shaders ($59), Mental Ray: Global Illumination ($59), Rendering 2: Shadows ($49), Rendering 3: Light Effects ($49), Rendering 4: Light Fog ($49)

Deformers 1: Clusters, Blendshape ($49), Deformers 2: Lattice, Sculpt, Wrap ($49), Deformers 3: Wire, Jiggle ($49), Paint Effects 101 ($49), Paint Effects: Polygons and Dynamics ($59), Kinematics 1: Skeleton ($49), Kinematics 2: Forward Kinematics ($49), Kinematics 3: Inverse Kinematics ($49), Kinematics 4: Arms and Legs ($49), Skinning 1: Smooth Skinning ($49), Skinning 2: Weighting ($49), Skinning 3: Head ($49), Skinning 4: Influence Objects ($49), Character Animation 1: Fundamentals ($59), Character Animation 2: Animating Bipeds ($59), Character Animation 3: Your First Scene ($59), Constraints 1: Object Interaction ($49)

Expressions 1: Intro ($59), Expressions 2: In Depth ($59), Dynamics 1: Create Emitter ($49), Dynamics 2: Emit from Object ($49), Dynamics 4: Rigid Bodies ($49), Dynamics 5: Fields ($49), Dynamics 6: Goals ($49), Dynamics 7: Instancer ($49), Dynamics 8: Intro to Softbodies ($49), Dynamics 9: Softbody Effects ($49), Dynamics 10: Lattices and Curves ($49), Dynamics 11: Spring Effects ($49), Dynamics 12: Hardware Rendering ($49), Dynamics 13: Sprite Rendering ($59), Dynamics 14: Advanced Sprites ($59), Maya Fluid Effects: Fundamentals ($49), Maya Particle Integration ($59), Maya Pyrotechnics ($59), MEL 101: Fundamentals ($69), MEL for Character Animators ($69), MEL for Effects Artists ($69)

Intro to ZBrush ($49), ZBrush Production Pipeline ($59), Digital Sculpting: Human Anatomy ($59), Head Sculpting and Texturing ($69), Detailing Characters: ZBrush Alpha Library ($69), ZBrush for Illustrators ($69)

Spherical Panoramic Photography ($59), Image-Based Modeling Essentials ($59), Image-Based Modeling: Advanced ($69)

Creature Design with Aaron Sims: Volume 1 ($59), Creature Design with Aaron Sims: Volume 2 ($59)

Visual Effects Compositing Fundamentals ($49), Shake 101: Interface and Work Flow ($49), Shake: Expressions, Scripting, and Macros ($59), Shake: Color Correction and Layers ($59), Shake: Effective Keying Techniques ($59), Shake: Tracking and Transforms ($59), Shake Bundle ($300)

Introduction to Nuke Compositing ($49), Nuke Compositing in Production ($59)

Houdini 101: Interface and Workflow ($49)

Global Illumination: Exteriors ($59), Global Illumination: Interiors ($59)

Adobe Photoshop for Digital Production ($59)

Hollywood Camera Work

This course is designed to teach effective blocking of shots with high production value. It features network-quality directing, master blocking techniques, camera and actor movement, effective and cohesive blocking with fewer steps, how to get better production value, using the dolly and crane, blocking scenes from scratch, creating complex scenes without line issues and editing problems, and more.

Currently in development, this series will cover what directors should know about visual effects, with a focus on how to direct other people creating visual effects, and using them creatively in a movie.

Kurv Studios

Kurv Studios offers training solutions for LightWave 3D, 3ds Max, Body Paint 3D 2, Photoshop, ZBrush, Silo, and Fusion. Kurv also offers virtual one-on-one training, phone training, and custom videos.

Vehicle Modeling ($34.95), IK Booster ($24.95), Bone Tools ($24.95), Sasquatch Lite ($29.95), 3D Print and Illustration for 2D Artists: Volume I ($39.95), Dynamics Training ($39.95), Lighting and Shading ($39.95), Tips and Tricks Series ($24.95 to $44.95), Spline Modeling ($34.95), Displacements and Endomorphs ($34.95), Sasquatch ($34.95), From the Beginning ($39.95)

Get Into 3ds Max ($34.95), Procedural Texturing in 3ds Max ($44.95)

Get Into Body Paint 3D 2 ($34.95)

Photoshop CS Advanced Texturing ($39.95), Photoshop Fundamentals ($29.95), Get into Photoshop ($29.95)

Get into ZBrush 2 ($39.95)

Get into Silo ($39.95), Silo II: Modeling a Head ($44.95)

Online Training

School of Computer Arts, New Media

Online courses in advertising, animation, visual effects, computer arts, fine arts, fashion, foundations, graphic design, interior design and architecture, industrial design, illustration, 2D illustration, motion pictures and television, and photography. Graduate courses are also offered.

A 12-week course where students assume the role of junior animator and the instructor plays the role of animation director. Mock clients assign projects for the class to complete as a team under the guidance of the instructor. The course consists of three assignments covering motion graphics, 3D product modeling, and character animation using popular 3D animation programs. In the online sessions, students are engaged in one-on-one sessions with the instructor to accomplish the course work.