Volume: 28 Issue: 8 (August 2005)


All Systems Go
A revolution is coming...again. This time it involves 64-bit computing driven by new processors from AMD, IBM, and Intel.
Eye Candy
From Pee-wee Herman to Ed Wood, Tim Burton has had a career-long affection for blissfully unassimilated oddballs who cling to their own warped yet magical view of life. This affinity was rekindled ...
Four Play
When a cosmic storm envelops an inventor, astronaut, pilot, geneticist, and industrialist, all five become transformed in unearthly ways. The inventor, Dr. Reed Richards, becomes elastic Mr. ...
Asian Fusion
Picture a wondrous Chinese-style world that could have been, if all the ancient Asian myths and legends were true. That’s exactly what the team at BioWare, a game developer in Edmonton, Alberta, ...
Top of the Class
’Tis the season when graduates are stepping out of the classroom and, if all goes well, into the studios to begin their careers. Whether you’re fresh out of school or an experienced digital artist, it ...


Combustion 4
If someone had slipped in one night and upgraded my Combustion 3 to Version 4, it might have taken me a while to notice it. This is good: The enhancements have been worked in smoothly and won’t ...
Virtual Sets for All
I also remember seeing virtual sets for the first time (in the mid-1990s), and they were pretty amazing, too. The demos always made everything look so easy, but lighting was just as important, if not ...
Thoughts in Motion
At the very least, a character must not break whatever illusion has allowed the player to become immersed in the gaming experience. This might seem like a low bar to set, but when you consider how ...
Products - 8/05 - Part 1

SIGGRAPH 2005 Animation Theater
The SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival is an internationally recognized event that engages and inspires artists and technologists alike
Bring Your Brain
Part trade show, part classroom, part creative think tank, SIGGRAPH effectively combines schmoozing, parties, and after-hours events with creative enlightenment and the occasional free T-shirt. It’s ...
Products - 8/05 - Part 2

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