Volume: 28 Issue: 5 (May 2005)


Born to be Wild
If you believe the startling success of 3D animated features forevermore pushed 2D cartoon-style animation out of full-length films, you haven’t been paying attention. The ’toons have snuck ...
Mastering Mobility
It used to be that the graphics and processing power needed to create high-end graphics existed only in extremely large workstations. As processor speed increased, these much-heralded traits moved to ...
If dragons actually existed, what would they be like? That is the question considered in Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real, an hour-long “docu-drama” from Animal Planet in which myth merges with reality, ...
Tempting fate
Once upon a time, an evil wizard cast a spell that prevented role-playing games from entering the casual gaming arena. So for years, RPG titles grew in popularity, especially among males, as players ...


Wacom Intuos3
As digital content creators with a preference for such traditional media as pencil and paper, we’re always interested in innovations that enable us to work more naturally in the digital realm. For ...
Market Outlook
But does this mean that the game is over? That the rest of the industry is letting Intel have the market all to itself? Maybe not, as AMD, for one, has moved into a solid position to vie for a bigger ...
HD Video Boards
Blackmagic Design has announced DeckLink for Mac OS Version 4.8 software for users of its DeckLink broadcast video cards
User Focus
How does a corporate vendor show facts and figures using a PowerPoint presentation and still capture the audience’s attention amid the “eye candy” at a large industry trade show?
The Avid-Pinnacle Puzzle
First of all, the digital video industry doesn’t make mass-market cars or computers, but rather specialized tools for a specific craft. And more significant, digital video may be a growth industry, ...
Luciano Neves
When Luciano Neves, a project coordinator for a Brazilian 3D production facility specializing in broadcast and cinema, creates digital artwork, the process usually becomes a reality check of sorts for ...
ATI FireGL Visualization Series
PCI Express is taking the graphics world by storm. The new interface offers much higher bandwidth and features for high-end graphics applications. Graphics card vendors have been understandably busy ...
Mining for Gold
Most game players know that few games push the state of the art on more than one major front. But careful observers realize that a surprising number offer at least one golden idea that may be worth ...
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