Student Art Contest
Issue: Volume: 28 Issue: 4 (April 2005)

Student Art Contest

Years from Now

Tribute to Amorsolo


Second Prize: “Nightmare Serenade” by Deborah Kazakoff Moniz from Foothill College in California represents the artist’s vision of what a punk rock nightmare would be like. To create the image, sh

Merit: “The Highwind” by Steven Muniz from the University of Pennsylvania is the artist’s rendition of the airship from the game Final Fantasy VII, which was mostly obscured from view throughout the title. This inspired the artist to re-create the entire ship in 3D, where it could be seen from all angles and where he could inject the model with a personality based on his knowledge of the game. This was accomplished in Maya and Photoshop.

What’s in your dreams? That was the question posed to budding artists around the world by Computer Graphics World for its first annual student art contest, and those willing to share their visions did so through beautifully crafted digital imagery, whether photographic-based or CGI. “The contest enabled us to showcase the innovative work by a new generation of artists and animators,” says Susan Hughes, director of marketing. “Computer Graphics World has a rich history of recognizing what’s new in the digital arts field, and this allowed us to offer a glimpse of what the industry can expect in the near future.”

According to art director Suzanne Heiser, who served as one of the judges, the theme of the contest was chosen because of its broad appeal, and as such, was open to creative interpretation. And this was reflected in the 110 submissions whose focus ranged from the high-flying childhood dreams of the grand-prize winning image to a ‘50s-style diner that inspires daydreams, the subject of the fourth-place winner.

Several prizes, including an HP workstation, Discreet and Softimage software, and passes to this year’s SIGGRAPH, were awarded to the various winners, whose imagery appears on these two pages. Additional submissions can be seen on the Computer Graphics World Web site at -Karen Moltenbrey

Third Prize (tie): “Dream Machine” by Eric Shore from the University of Pennsylvania was inspired by an actual dream in which he saw a robot, like the one in the image, that was capable of controlling t

Merit: “Remember” by Brett Goodwin from the Collingwood Arts Center in Ohio illustrates that things are not always as they appear, through the use of Photoshop and hand-drawn imagery.

Fourth Prize: “Diner at Night” by Erica Ehrlich from the University of Pennsylvania uses Maya and Photoshop to focus on a period-style diner, after hours.

Merit: “Self Portrait” by Lorin Wood from Brookhaven College in Texas projects the artist’s self image through a collage of iconography and imagery composed in Photoshop.

Third Prize (tie): “Cloudy Dreams” by Annis Naeem from Lodi High School in New Jersey was composed in Photoshop and highlights the artist’s ultimate dream: to fly.