Products - 4/05 - Part 1
Issue: Volume: 28 Issue: 4 (April 2005)

Products - 4/05 - Part 1

Genemation has released GenHead 2.0 and GenCrowd 1.0, 3D face synthesis tools targeted at digital artists and programmers in the gaming, postproduction, and Web authoring markets. GenHead 2.0 enables users to create 3D animated heads from 2D images and includes a 3D interface, real-time updates, and integrated variable-resolution mesh. Enabling the production of thousands of photorealistic 3D animated heads, GenCrowd 1.0 aids users in developing families and offspring, and controlling age, gender, and ethnicity of individuals or groups.



Red Giant Software has announced the availability of Film Fix, film and video restoration plug-ins for Adobe’s After Effects Versions 6.0 or later. Developed for documentary filmmakers and postproduction studios, the Film Fix set of plug-ins employs algorithms that enable the automatic detection and removal of such problems as dust, dirt, and other artifacts. Film Fix also can stabilize footage with software-based 2D translation, as well as eliminate inter-frame brightness fluctuations. Red Giant Software, now offering Film Fix for the Windows operating system at a cost of $1995, anticipates adding support for the Macintosh before the end of the second quarter.

Red Giant Software;