Products - 9/04
Issue: Volume: 27 Issue: 9 (September 2004)

Products - 9/04



RealViz for Previz

Win RealViz announced two innovations during SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles, StoryViz 1.0 and ImageModeler 4.0. Interactive 3D previz software, StoryViz aids directors, visual effects supervisors, 3D animators, graphic artists, and filmmakers in planning each film scene in detail and in real time. Based on a 3D rendering engine and non-linear editing tools, StoryViz links storyboards and film production by not only simulating the shooting phase, but also supporting the pre-editing of the final shots. StoryViz 1.0 runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP. The latest version of RealViz's image-based 3D modeling software, ImageModeler 4.0, boasts a new 3D/2D Integration tool for incorporating 3D projects into 2D photos. The new UV Mapping Editor assists users in the UV mapping of textures, whereas Snapshot enables the exportation of a 3D scene as a JPG file. ImageModeler 4.0 is available for Windows 2000 and XP systems at a cost of $1380.



Silhouette News

Win Mac Linux Silhouette FX unveiled the first release in a new family of products, Silhouette+roto. Created by artists, the new rotoscoping solution offers OpenGL-accelerated rendering and real-time shape preview, integrated motion trackers, variable edge softness, and the importation of shapes from Elastic Reality and Commotion. Silhouette's latest offering provides fully animatable shape tools with which to move, scale, rotate, and warp points, shapes, and groups of shapes. Silhouette+roto is available as a plug-in to Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, and other host applications for $395, or as a stand-alone application for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems for $495.

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Now with Nuke

Win Boxx Technologies has entered into a co-branding agreement with D2 Software, makers of the award-winning Nuke compositing and effects software. Nuke 2D and 3D digital compositing software assists users in combining and manipulating scanned film, video plates, and computer-generated imagery. As a result of the new relationship, the companies will offer postproduction and visual effects professionals a high-performance, turnkey digital compositing system that combines Boxx's hardware technology and D2 Software's Nuke.

Boxx Technologies;


Speeding Chromakey

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Reflecmedia unveiled Mattenee, a new plug-in for today's non-linear editing and compositing applications, during SIGGRAPH. Priced at $395, Mattenee is designed to speed and simplify the chromakey process. Developed by The Pixel Farm, Mattenee 1.0 works with such popular digital video programs as Apple's Final Cut Pro and Shake, Adobe's Premiere Pro and After Effects, and Eyeon's Digital Fusion. The Mattenee one-click chromakeying solution employs an algorithm that recognizes specific blue and green light generated by Reflecmedia's LiteRing, ensuring fast and accurate keying results.




FireWire File Storage

Iomega, a leader in data storage, has introduced a new model in its family of Iomega Rev drives. The Iomega Rev 35gb FireWire drive achieves read and write speeds of up to 25mb/sec. Housed in a white and light grey enclosure, the drive features drag-and-drop random access technology and a software bundle that boasts Symantec Norton Ghost for Rev, Dantz Retrospect Express for the Mac, and Iomega Automatic Backup Pro for PC users. Now shipping for Mac and PC systems, the Iomega Rev 35gb FireWire drive ships with one Mac-formatted disk at a cost of $399.99. Separate disks, providing 35gb of data storage, are priced at $59.99 each.



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Broadcast-Ready and Royalty-Free

Producer of broadcast-ready, royalty-free animation and special effects, Hypereye Motion Graphics has announced the availability of a whole new line of commercial-grade, royalty-free animation. The company offers animations designed from the ground up with NTSC legal saturations and luminance levels. And pre-fielded sequences ensure drag-and-drop functionality. Designed for legal and political advertising and programming, Legal Present-ations includes legal-themed animated backgrounds, effects, and double-loop-donut backgrounds. Double-loop donuts combine two backgrounds in one and incorporate an effect in the middle. Other new titles for the video production and commercial broadcast industries include Ultimate Globes, Stars & Stripes, and Christmas. Hypereye Motion Graphics' files are formatted as QuickTime files and meet NTSC standards for color, contrast, and motion.

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Computer Graphics World September, 2004