Volume: 27 Issue: 9 (September 2004)


Visual Notes, Part 2
In 1981, the debut of Music Television (MTV) helped spin the obscure music video medium into a new entertainment genre. Initially, innovation was relatively easy to achieve, as nearly every type of ...
Child's Play
"Birthday Boy" is a timeless story set in a specific place and time—Korea in 1951.
Like in the Movies
With the increasingly powerful real-time graphics capability of game consoles and PCs giving game developers the tantalizing possibility of creating ever more sophisticated graphics, the word ...


SIGGRAPH 2004 Animation Theater
The 2004 SIGGRAPH Animation Theater featured a selection of projects illustrating revolutionary ways of implementing the still-young medium of computer graphics within the diverse fields of visual ...
Music Video Hybrids
It’s obvious that video hasn’t killed the radio star, as foretold by the Buggles in the band’s song that kicked off the age of music television. But lately it seems that video isn’t doing the radio ...


Products - 9/04


Softimage|XSI 4
Softimage expands the feature set of XSI, bolstering productivity
Curious gFx Pro 2.5
The new 16-bit version performs admirably under test conditions
Premiere Pro 1.5
The latest version of Adobe's NLE premieres on Windows

Special Section

Breaking Barriers
EFilm enlists storage area networks and low-cost disk storage in its quest to redefine the state of the art of digital mastering By Michele Hope
Scaling Up
The Orphanage adopts a shared file storage system to manage explosive growth
Keeping It Simple
When it comes to managing the many terabytes of visual effects content produced by Stargate Digital for TV productions such as Spartacus and ER, the studio's director of IT Joseph Meier says that his ...
Growing Pains
Going from garage-style start-up to producer of TV documentaries for stations such as The Discovery Channel and Fine Living can cause a few growing pains along the way. This was certainly true for Cry ...


Technique: lVirtual Restoration
One of the most stunning animations premiering in the Electronic Theater at SIGGRAPH 2004 was a computer graphics tour de force, titled "The Parthenon."
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