Issue: Volume: 27 Issue: 7 (July 2004)


Monday – Thursday, 9-12 August
The premier international forum for ground-breaking, provocative, and important new work in computer graphics and interactive techniques. SIGGRAPH 2004 papers set the standard in the field, stimulate future trends, and explore challenging issues in related fields: human-computer interaction, computer-aided design, computer vision, robotics, visualization, web graphics, and computer games, among others. Complete list of Papers:

Monday – Thursday, 9-12 August
Debate, argument, and discussion on important topics in computer graphics and interactive techniques, and related fields. Experts and skeptics deliver opinions, insights, speculation, and summaries of recent work. The audience follows up with questions, comments, and criticism. The result: new perspectives on key questions and current controversies. Complete list of Panels:

Sunday – Thursday, 8-12 August
Short talks followed by question-and-answer exchanges on a broad spectrum of topics in art, design, science, and engineering. Sketches emphasize novel and interdisciplinary applications of computer graphics and interactive techniques, including provocative speculation, academic research, industrial development, practical tools, and behind-the-scenes explanations of commercial and artistic works. Speakers and topics:

Wednesday – Thursday, 11-12 August
Content: how to teach computer graphics and develop academic resources. Continuity: computer graphics in education, from pre-school to post-graduate study. Collaboration: between art and science, educators and researchers, teachers and students, the classroom and the real world. Panels, forums, papers, and Quick Takes explore all this and more in the not-just-for-Educators Program. Detailed information on the Educators Program:

Sunday – Wednesday, 8-11 August
New for SIGGRAPH 2004. Poster displays of research in computer graphics and interactive techniques, including newly developing projects, smaller works, incremental or partial results, and late-breaking research. Presenters and topics will be available here in July:

Sunday – Thursday, 8-12 August
Presentations and demonstrations of the year's most innovative online work. Artists, designers, producers, and programmers from around the world share their achievements in rich internet applications, web 3D, navigation, visualization, usability, motion graphics, web art, web content for handheld devices, and many more areas. Speakers and topics:

New for SIGGRAPH 2004: the popular 5k award competition for excellence in web design and production is part of SIGGRAPH 2004 Web Graphics.

Tuesday – Thursday, 10-12 August
Late-breaking updates on the year's most important advances in 3D animation, games, shading, visualization, processors, APIs, career development, and more. In Exhibitor Tech Talks, SIGGRAPH 2004 exhibitors present two-hour tutorials and interactive instruction on their products and services.

Fast-Forward Papers Preview
Sunday, 8 August, 6 - 8 pm

Snapshot overviews of the paper sessions, in which authors give short summaries of their work. It's a fast, fun, and provocative preview of the latest and most significant findings in computer graphics and interactive techniques.