Volume: 27 Issue: 2 (Feb 2004)


A Growing Trend
Amateur filmmaker and director Matt Giraud spent what seemed like a lifetime chasing a dream, hoping that the three years he spent filming, editing, and then shopping his documentary to distributors ...
Illusions of Grandeur
One of the most imaginative films of 2003 has risen from the ashes of what some people have bemoaned to be a dying art: 2D feature animation. By taking advantage of at least one unique quality of 2D ...
Like Lightning
Despite the capabilities of state-of-the-art animation software and talented computer artists, starring roles in weekly live-action television shows have been virtually non-existent for digital ...
Renaissance Art
In 1432, painter Jan van Eyck completed a towering work of art, titled The Adoration of the Lamb, in the then-new medium of oil paint. Approximately 570 years later, digital artists working in the ...


Kaydara MotionBuilder 5
Strictly an animation authoring system, MotionBuilder does not provide any modeling tools. Basic texturing and effects can be done in the software, but high-end rendering is perhaps best left to other ...
Atman Victor
Victor considers himself a fine artist who happens to use the computer to create his works, as it offers a world full of endless possibilities. "With the computer, you can emulate traditional media ...
A New Hybrid

]The installation was painless. Upon launching the application, I was presented an interface laid out in a logical fashion: the timeline window across the top, a tabbed section of pallets in the lower ...
Products - 2/04 - Part 1

Market Outlook, Industry News - 2/04
Yet, as highlighted in the newly released "Digital Content Creation 2003" report from Jon Peddie Research (JPR), several trends are stimulating a recovery.
User Focus - 2/04
"This is not an effects film, so everything we did had to blend perfectly with the live-action footage," says Ben Girard, president/founder of the Burbank, California, studio.
Form Follows Function
But the fundamental needs of art students have radically changed. In addition to traditional media and their associated tools, fundamental art and design studies now include new media and their ...
HD on the Desktop
While many video professionals have begun to use HD here and there for the occasional video project, what's unique about Greene is that he runs one of the few production houses that makes its living ...
Products - 2/04 - Part 2

Serious Games
A year ago in this column, I lamented the fact that interactive computer graphics, namely gaming technology, was not living up to its potential in areas like education and training, but instead was ...
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