Volume: 27 Issue: 10 (October 2004)


Reef Madness
Think The Godfather meets Tex Avery or Chuck Jones, switch the sound track to hip-hop and reggae, set the action in a painterly underwater world, turn the characters into sea creatures, and you have a ...
Creature feature
In 1979, director Ridley Scott terrified moviegoers with his horror classic about an alien that gestates in a human host. Since then, the Alien film series has earned a venerable reputation in science ...
HDV - Ready for Prime Time?
There's a debate going on in the professional video world that's eerily reminiscent of one that occurred back in the mid '90s when the DV format made its first appearance.
[Dream World]
It all started with a dream: Amid the flurry of a snowstorm, the outline of a behemoth zeppelin becomes more defined as it floats into view and eventually docks atop a statuesque structure of concrete ...


Elemental Art
After a long struggle, digital imagery finally has been acknowledged as a legitimate form of fine art, and, recently, this accomplishment has been recognized in coffee-table books showcasing CG works.
Vegas+DVD Production Suite
With its release of Vegas+DVD Production Suite, Sony Pictures Digital is positioning Vegas as a professional-level, all-in-one video and audio tool. The software suite includes Vegas 5, DVD Architect ...
Show-Biz Viz
What a difference a few years can make in the computer graphics industry. One segment in which this couldn’t be more obvious is visual simulation. In 2001, the last time we looked at the VizSim market ...
Postmodern Webcasting
There was a time, not too many years ago, when Web-casting was all the rage. It was during the dot-com craze, of course, when the Internet and Internet distribution seemed like the future of all ...
Products - 10/04 - Part 1

Products - 10/04 - Part 2

Hewlett-Packard's Remote Graphics software is designed to aid 3D artists and graphic design professionals in collaborating remotely, interactively, and in real time.
LightWave 3D Version 8
In the beginning, a.k.a. the early 1990s, there was the Commodore Amiga, NewTek Video Toaster, and LightWave 3D. Hollywood saw it, and it was good. The Amiga is gone and Toaster is now on the PC, but ...
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