Products - 1/04 - Part 1
Issue: Volume: 27 Issue: 1 (Jan 2004)

Products - 1/04 - Part 1

Artbeats Software has added new titles to its burgeoning library of royalty-free, high-definition (HD) stock video footage. To deliver high-quality, uncompressed footage, Artbeats not only telecines all film to HD using a digital direct-to-disk method, but also retouches the footage frame-by-frame to remove artifacts. The company's newest HD collections are Chicago Aerials HD, Volume 1 & 2; Farmland Scenics HD; Mountain Peaks HD; Reel Explosions HD 2; Rural Lifestyles HD; Winter Lifestyles HD; and Winter Scenes HD. Offered in 1920x1080 resolution and ranging in price from $799 to $899 per title, each HD collection includes 10 or more clips licensed for all uses, including broadcast, feature film, multimedia, and Internet. For example, Mountain Peaks HD offers 37 aerials of the Cascade Mountain Range and Chicago Aerials HD, Volume 1 & 2 is a 41-clip collection providing views of the Sears Tower, Hancock Observatory, and other landmarks. Artbeats Software;


Win; Mac Described as an offshoot of Digital FilmWorks, a full-service visual effects facility in Los Angeles, Digital Film Tools has unveiled 55mm 3.0. The suite of plug-ins comprises a collection of digital optical filters for use with Apple's Final Cut Pro, Avid editing systems, and Adobe's Photoshop, After Effects, and After Effects-compatible programs running on Windows or Macintosh operating systems. Black Mist, Black & White, Bleach Bypass, Color Correct, Cool Mist, Diffusion, Faux Film, Fog, Glow, Mist, Ozone, Polarizer, and Streaks are among the many plug-ins offered in 55mm 3.0. The new release is available for download at a cost of $145 for the Photoshop version and $295 for all other editions. Customers can upgrade to Version 3.0 at a special upgrade price of $45 to $95. Digital Film Tools;

Irix Discreet has upgraded its inferno, flame, and flint compositing and visual effects software solutions. Discreet's inferno 5.5, flame 8.5, and flint 8.5 are scheduled to begin shipping early this year. All three upgrades benefit from Discreet's Master Keyer with GMask gradient technology, 10-bit media support, Colour Warper enhancements, expanded Burn-In and EDL Editor tools, and more. The HDTV archiving capabilities of inferno and flame now include support for 720P tape decks. Customers having a valid, paid Level 1, 2, or 3 Discreet Support service contract at the time the new versions ship will receive the upgrades at no extra charge. Discreet;


Intelligent Assistance, maker of multimedia support tools for digital media artists and content creators, has launched Assistance on Demand. An online, on-demand service, Assistance on Demand provides creatives with real-time product support and technical guidance. Users can purchase expert support by way of streaming video clips or text as needed. Assistance on Demand also offers live classes via live streaming, movie push, and Instant Messaging. Simpler How2s begin at a cost of 25 cents, whereas in-depth tutorials on complex issues are priced at up to $9.95. An initial $1 account set-up charge also applies. Intelligent Assistance;


Gefen introduces the USB-500, the company's latest innovation which takes advantage of "Extreme USB" technology. The USB-500 extends the functionality of virtually any USB device, including a keyboard and mouse. Whereas USB devices typically are limited to a distance of 17.5 feet, the USB-500 extends the reach of connected devices to a maximum of 1650 feet from the computer. The system incorporates a USB-500S Send Unit, a USB-500R Receive Unit, two 15-volt power supplies, and a six-foot, A-to-B USB cable. The unit also boasts a four-port USB HUB. Gefen;

Graphics Processors

Nvidia has amended its GeForce FX Go series of GPUs for mobile PCs with the GeForce FX Go5700. The new addition combines enhanced geometry and rendering performance with the company's Ultra-shadow technology to achieve cinematic 3D graphics, whereas high-definition component video-out and HDTV support help deliver high-quality video. Its Unified Driver Architecture ensures compatibility with an existing work flow, and PowerMizer 4.0 with Nvidia SmartDimmer extends battery life through power management. Systems incorporating the Nvidia GeForce FX Go5700 are expected to begin shipping this quarter. Nvidia;

ATI Technologies has introduced its Mobility FireGL T2 mobile workstation processor, which is shipping in the HP Compaq nw8000 and IBM Thinkpad R50p and T41p. Well-suited to digital content creators, the Mobility FireGL T2 is designed to deliver fast geometry processing, realistic rendering, and optimal application performance. Based on the FGL 9600 VPU, the new processor features OpenGL and DirectX 9 drivers, 128mb of high-speed DDR memory, dual monitor support, and ATI's SmartShader, PowerPlay, and Power-on-Demand technologies. ATI Technologies;