Volume: 26 Issue: 6 (June 2003)


Myth Making
Her beauty is legendary. And it's said that in 1200 BC, hers was the face that launched a thousand ships and sparked the war between the Trojans and the Greeks. She is the mythical Helen of Troy, the ...
Cover Story: The Matrix: Anime-ted
For the past three years, Michael Arias has been on a mission. "I want to give adult American audiences more to chew on when they watch animation. I want to show them that animation, whether 2D, 3D, ...
Creepy Crawlers
This Boss may be ugly and uncouth, but he surely is popular. The lantern-jawed, loin-clothed digital lout from Spellcraft Studio has been showing up at trade shows, on Web sites, and even on the cover ...
Economy of Scale
For the past four years, a small team of artists, programmers, and creative businesspeople from MindArk AB in Gothenburg, Sweden, has tenaciously stuck to its goal of devising an unparalleled, virtual ...
The Fine Art of Gaming
Game players tend to judge a new title in terms of how much bang they get for their buck—or, more precisely, how much power they can get from their characters and weapons. Consequently, the aesthetics ...


Products - 6/03
WinMac Version 3.0 of Twixtor, the image-sequencing plug-in from RE:Vision Effects, offers new options to users working with problematic footage.
Anime Anthology
Michael Arias is a producer of The Animatrix, a series of diverse animated short films based on The Matrix film trilogy (see "The Matrix: Anime-ted,").
Modeling and Animation: Softimage|XSI 3.0
Softimage|XSI Version 3.0 is the release in which XSI comes into its own as a leading-edge package. Since the software debuted a few years ago, it has been playing catch-up with many of the other ...
Film: Feature Frenzy
Last month, while I was gathering information about ILM's OpenEXR image-file format, I interviewed Gregor vom Scheidt, founder of NXN, who said something in passing that stunned me. Apparently, soon ...
Spotlight - 6/03
Nonlinear animation capability is the most important new feature in trueSpace 6.5, Caligari's modeling and animation package for Web designers, game developers, and illustrators. TrueSpace 6.5 has a ...
SIGGRAPH Art Gallery
Fractus by Robert Fathauer imitates the style of M.C. Escher by using fractals and other mathematical "discoveries" to construct images that are too complex to draw by hand.
Animation: Motionbuilder 4.0
Motionbuilder 4.0 is the latest offering from Kaydara, a company whose name is almost synonymous with motion capture. Motionbuilder is being presented as a new program but is actually a complete ...
If you're not already creating interactive DVDs, the chances are good that you soon will be. According to a recent report from Jon Peddie Research, the market for DVD technology is exploding. The ...
Victims of Success?
It’s no secret that computer gaming is big business. Last year, sales and rentals worldwide totaled more than $14 billion. And this year, that figure is expected to top $16 billion.
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