Vue d'Esprit Imagery
Issue: Volume: 26 Issue: 5 (May 2003)

Vue d'Esprit Imagery

"Still Life," by Eric Kinzelin, a hobbyist, who used Vue d'Esprit to achieve a traditional painterly style for this digital still life image.

"Ritter Nebal," by Michael Janssen, a hobbyist, who used Curious Labs' Poser 4 to create this imposing character and Vue d'Esprit to generate the volumetric lighting and atmospheric effects.

"Bridge," by Eran Dinur, a professional digital artist, who used Discreet's 3ds max and Vue d'Esprit to create this realistic rendering.

For most digital artists, re-creating natural scenery is a difficult and time-consuming process. That's because nature itself is complex, and a realistic virtual representation must reflect the same level of detail. Some artists—professional and amateur alike—have approached this task by using e-on software's Vue d'Esprit program, which includes a proprietary SolidGrowth vegetation system based on complex random-growth technology that gives each plant a unique appearance. Most of the imagery created with Vue d'Esprit contains nature-oriented, outdoor settings, though a number of artists use the software for generating detailed indoor or surreal scenes.

Many Vue d'Esprit users share their artwork with e-on, which features some of the most impressive pieces on its Internet gallery ( "Each artist has a unique style," says Nicholas Phelps, president of e-on software. "For instance, Pascal Marie works with panoramic formats and creates realistic natural scenery, while Hossan Hassam uses colorful, tormented Van Gogh-like skies." A selection of work from the gallery artists is featured on these pages. —Karen Moltenbrey

"Leo," by Nicholas Phelps, a professional engineer, who produced this detailed outdoor scene using Vue d'Esprit for the environment and Poser 4 for the wildlife.

"Yellow Snow," by Pascal Marie, a hobbyist, who used Vue d'Esprit to create this peaceful, photorealistic panorama.

"The Gorilla Front," by Eli D'Elia, a professional digital artist, who used Vue d'Esprit and Poser 5 to generate this striking image from an animation, created with e-on software's Mover 4 software.

"The Lost Coach," by Hossan Hassam, a hobbyist, who used Vue d'Esprit to create a unique blend of colors for this natural scene.